Its 6am, let’s head for New York…

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Its 6am, let’s head for New York…

Its 6am at our cozy little house in Morrisonville, IL (pop. 1100) and we are headed northeast to New York City (pop 8,405,837). Road trippin is by far the best way to travel and experience the amazing roads that wind through America. We’ve driven through IN, OH, PA, NY, NJ and caught up with our brother, our friend and an amazingly creative individual, Adam Kurtz in the black dirt region of upstate New York. After a whirlwind of catching NJ transit trains, subways and lots of walking to finally catch up with our family, the Doyle’s at the Statue of Liberty.

After a day in the city meeting family, friends and clients we had plans to go way upstate to the Backwoods Pondfest in Peru, NY in the Adirondacks (The Dacks as the locals say) region of New York next to the border of Canada. This amazing natural wonderland is home to a the 7th annual Pondfest that brings a few thousand together in a wooded and very freeing camping environment. We arrived late but ended up with a perfect little secluded campsite in the back and created out own little community with drums and campfire. There were a few more hippies than we are used to, but it was a good mix of youth and older music loving hippies.

Life lesson: We highly recommend the practice of attending at least one festival every decade of your life. See a different way of living and communing in community and nature for a couple nights.

This road trip being our first “mobile studio” test has been going pretty well. Logistically and technologically we need to invest in a better laptop and have mobile 4gLTE everywhere we go, but for now we’re winging it and loving life on the road.

See you in Maryland or in the Blue Ridge mountains!  Enjoy some pics from our travels..

The Queen Ami on rock

Ami demonstrating beauty, power and love on the big rock at rest stop.

I Love NY road art

I Love NY road art

The Statue of Liberty

Ami’s shot of lady liberty with Nikon D7000 and 50mm f1.8

Statues at Statue of Liberty

Statues at Statue of Liberty.

Unusually empty subway NYC

An unusually empty subway in NYC.

Bowen's at Statue of Liberty

Finally made it to the incredible Statue of Liberty!

NYC street art

The girls sitting on cardboard

The Doyle Family NYC

A unique family requires a unique backdrop.

NYC Sour

Ami eating something sour on the streets?

NYC family

Mike with Bro-in-law Jason and niece, Lucie.

NYC street art

Young Michael Jackson sticker on the streets.

Mike with our brother, our family, the one and the only Adam Kurtz.

Mike with our brother, our family, the one and the only Adam Kurtz.

Pondfest 2014 moon

Grandmother moon displayed an amazing show high in the clear skies above the Adirondacks

Pondfest 2014 Chali 2na live

Chali 2na (formerly with J5) rocked the pond on the main stage.

Pondfest 2014 bonfire

At the end of the main stage they had a massive palette fire.

Pondfest 2014 schedule

The official Pondfest event booklet.

Sophistafunk live @ Pondfest 2014

Sophistafunk rocked the little stage under the tent creating some good vibes.

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