Art in motion

Posted by on Aug 16, 2014 in Sketchbook, Travel
Art in motion

My first art class in kindergarten started me on my path to being a hands-on artist and gave me an immediate connection to raw earth materials. Since then I have produced creative works involving graphite, clay, oils, acrylics and everything between. Since the invention of Photoshop, the tablet and the amazingly inspired design of apple computers and iPads, I have slowly adapted to creating with digital form and opening my mind to the amazing possibilities.

With iPad Air and Adobe’s new Ink and Slide stylus, I am able to capture an entire scene while sitting in the passenger seat on a 4 hour drive, in full color with no mess. Adobe Line is one of several new apps Adobe has released for the iPad. These amazing little apps allow for immediate creative control while on the fly and boast some powerful creative tools.

During our drive back from Peru, NY sitting in the passenger seat I rendered the beautiful Adirondack mountains with and iPad and and a simple stylus. Adobe makes this possible with the precision pen tip stylus that comes with pencil, pen, marker brushes with size and opacity settings for each brush. A simple two finger swipe to the left is a quick undo giving quick editable sketches and the ability to finish highly detailed drawings.

While I still come prepared with my old trusty graphite and sketchbook, seems these days I tend to reach for the iPad because of the huge range of potential and immediate share-ability. This blog post is written on the the iPad, the same device that rendered the drawing….can paper do that?


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