Photograhy that Radiates

Artist Julia Watkins is best known for creating powerful, vibrant, energy-enhanced, and channeled paintings and jewelry. Her work is built upon the mission of art that is of service beyond that of mere decoration.

When we first met Julia her artistic talent was evident and we were honored and delighted to have her join us as a featured artist and presenter for an art event we produced. When contacted about providing photography services for her newest addition to her offerings – Energy Jewelry – we were beyond thrilled. 

With a mission to “raise the planetary spiritual vibration” and bring positive energies through energy-channeled art and jewelry, we knew the most significant part of this work would be to let the light communicate each of the fine details of her stunning pieces.

With precise lighting and retouching techniques, each image has the ability to communicate the energy within.

Going beyond a great photographic image, we work with Julia to build new worlds which tell a story about each unique jewelry design. Through artistic retouching, precision compositing, and clever use of stock, we create works of art and blend scenes of magic to produce remarkable imagery.


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