Growing an Oregon Brand

First there was the gold rush in the wild west. Then came the industrial revolution shaping the modern world as we know it. Now we are fully engrossed in the green rush with the rise of legal marijuana and we’re seeing revolutionary research happening with CBD oil. Fusion CBD is solely focused on the hemp industry and produces the highest quality CBD full spectrum extract on the market.

Start ups always present a unique set of challenges and opportunities that come with the excitement of starting something new. This revolutionary health product is changing lives and Bowen Imagery has become an integral part of the creative team as the company is growing.

As we walked the Oregon Fusion team through our brand discovery process, we extracted valuable information that now serves as the foundation to this new brand.

The company’s mission and purpose drove the process as they discovered pioneer as their primary archetype. Secondary archetypes caregiver and citizen further the personality and positioning of Oregon Fusion in the marketplace through an authentic story and brand.



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